Somediafy offers customizable research options! Somediafy. Data Matters!

Somediafy's Core Competencies

Ability to Analyze

      o Brands
      o Marketing campaigns
      o Products
      o Service(s)
      o Online video / YouTube review(s)

Online Video Analysis

Somediafy Online Video Analysis


      o Influencers / consumer profiles
      o Top sites where consumers talk about brands, or products
      o Top URLs consumers link to
      o Service(s)
      o Brand threatening information (e.g., BP Oil Spill) for crisis management

Influencer / Core Audience & Demographics Analysis

Somediafy Consumer Profile Influencer Analysis

Report Types

      o Trended Data
      o Sentiment, or Mood
      o Discussion Topics
      o Core Audience/ Demographics
      o Qualitative

Trended Data Analysis

Somediafy Trended Data Analysis

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

      o Identifying Target Keywords
      o Improving website rankings among leading search engines
      o Implementing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns

Consumer Sentiment / Mood Analysis

Somediafy Sentiment Topic Analysis

Account Setup & Training

      o Facebook
      o LinkedIn
      o Twitter
      o Geo-location services (e.g., Foursquare)
      o Emerging social media (e.g., Instagram)

SEM Keyword Identification

Somediafy keyword analysis

Full-Service Marketing

      o Graphic design
      o Videography
      o Market Research
      o Social listening and monitoring

...and much much more!