Somediafy is a digital marketing and research firm serving southern Colorado (including clients in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo). Somediafy specializes in marketing research (e.g., quantitative and qualitative research methodologies) and social media data analysis. Somediafy is different from other digital marketing and research firms. Somediafy goes beyond simply helping organizations manage their online marketing and social media presence. Somediafy gives organizations an ability to assess and compare market research metrics from both offline (e.g., sales reports, traditional focus group and/or survey research data) and online (e.g., consumer posts about your industry, or brand across hundreds of social media sites) sources. Most important, Somediafy helps organizations better understand how to perform online marketing research and use findings to create actionable insights.

Somediafy helps organizations achieve their online marketing and social media listening objectives. Colorado organizations can use advanced online and digital social media marketing research techniques to complement traditional advertising and marketing objectives. Social media metrics can be parlayed with other data to provide unique statistical insights. Digital marketing research data is excellent for determining market segmentation to enhance traditional marketing efforts. Contact Somediafy to learn more about our services!